images-2My husband and I trained with Amanda for 12 weeks. We trained as a couple so in essence it was also like therapy! We truly enjoyed the experience and both of us saw drastic results! We are parents of a one year old, I stay home with him and my husband works full time…We found plenty of excuses not to take care of ourselves. Amanda helped us realize how important it is to make the time for yourself. We also learned many great tips on calorie counting which made a world of difference. It’s been almost 6 months since we trained with Amanda and both my husband and I have maintained the weight we lost. Thank you Amanda for putting your heart and soul into each person you train, it made all the difference for us.

Scott and Ashlee Edwards, Hicksville, OH

Being the “typical” mom of two small children, I was always putting my needs last. I would never take time out for myself to exercise or watch what I was eating. When I decided to meet with Amanda and discuss personal training and fitness, my focus completely changed. What better way to introduce diet and exercise to my children as part of a normal day than to do it right in the privacy of my own home? After my first few sessions with Amanda, I became more confident that I could lose weight, feel great and be proud of the way I looked. I have lost almost 20 pounds, reduced my body fat and lost many inches. Amanda makes it so easy, by creating a workout that I can do AT HOME, which is better than trying to find childcare for my children while I am at a gym. I have seen a MAJOR change in my body since training with Amanda over the last eight months. I feel better, have much more energy and have dropped several sizes in my clothes! I have actually sent Amanda three clients who have seen first-hand my progress and knew my story. People that haven’t seen me in awhile will say, “Wow! What are you doing? You look great!” and then I will say, “I go to Amanda Ross, the ‘Fitness Guru’ at Willpower Fitness! Thank you, Amanda for all of your encouragement and support! You truly have changed my life!

Jeanne Pushis, Butler, IN

After my retirement, I decided that one of the things I wanted to do for myself was to try to become more healthy and fit. I knew from years of past experience, that it is impossible for me to stay motivated over a long period of time, and since I was really committed to my goal I needed someone to help me stay on track. I am happy to say that I have been training with Amanda for a year and a half and I am delighted with my choice in her as a personal trainer. She has helped me stay with a long-term training plan that is customized to my lifestyle. I certainly do not have the perfect figure or the perfect eating habits, but she continues to bring a freshness to our sessions that keeps me focused on my goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

Joyce Ringer, Bryan OH

I am a woman approaching menopause. It’s not too fun seeing your body change, gaining a midsection as you get older. I decided it was time to fight back instead of sitting around and doing nothing!! Amanda is very caring and wants to see you succeed!!! She motivates, pushes, gives you good tips and keeps you wanting to come back for more! She designs the workouts for individual needs and pushes you to YOUR limit! I haven’t felt better, been more toned and generally happier in a long time and it is due to the partnership she gives you in being your personal trainer! I am going into this getting older thing kicking butt and feeling healthier than I have in a long time.

Thanks, Amanda for being you, the Best!

Cyndi Beard, age 51

P.S. Love her Yoga and Kickboxing classes as well!

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Will Power Fitness and Amanda Ross have changed my life. I joined over a 2 years ago. I am now in the best shape than I have been in years! Going to the studio for classes releases stress in my life and most important, it is fun!! Amanda is very enthusiastic and motiviates me to be happy and healthy!
Joan Garbaciak

Amanda’s zumba classes are the perfect combination of cardio, toning and fun. I’ve tried other zumba classes and Amanda’s is without a doubt the best around. I look forward to zumba class every week-come join the fun and get a great workout at the same time!
Dana Vinson

Before joining Amanda’s Body Makeover class less than a year ago, I NEVER worked out. I could only get myself to go on occasional walks because I had been so used to team sports getting me to exercise. After Body Makeover, I started going to Zumba classes. And…guess what…I am still going! I have been doing 10 months of Zumba and I can’t imagine not getting my fix at least once a week. Zumba is that high energy, fun, group workout that I needed. Zumba is my new “team sport”! – Carrie Durbin