Q: How do I know which class to try? 

A: WPF Yoga offers the flexibility of drop-in classes. Because each instructor is different and each class is different, we suggest you take advantage of our drop-in and try a variety of classes and see what fits your needs.

Q: I am not flexible, thin, young or athletic. Is yoga for me?

A: Yes! Yoga is for everybody and we offer a few classes appropriate for you.

Q: What do I wear to yoga class?

A: Just make sure you are comfortable and that you wear clothes that allow freedom of movement.

Q: Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

A: We prefer you to bring your own yoga mat. If not, we will loan you one for class. We also have straps and blocks for your use as well.

Q: Is yoga for men and women?

A: When yoga began in India it was taught just to men. Eventually it was allowed to be taught to women and children. Now, thankfully, it is for everybody!

Q: Is yoga safe?

A: In most cases, yes. However, if you select the wrong level of yoga class and ailments, you could develop injuries. It is very important to attend the right class with certified instructors and to let them know of potential physical problems.