When Jayme was a young girl she stood in front of the mirror and flexed her muscles, dreaming of becoming a bodybuilder. She would do pushups and sit ups every night before bed!! Through her childbearing years she put on extra weight and after her last child was born she remembers looking in the mirror and saying "this is going to change". She started doing DVD's at home. She knew she liked the look of muscles so she started doing interval training. She also started with simple walks with her kids. Soon, she started running instead of walking and quickly dropped 40 lbs. That was nearly 12 year ago! She now enjoys doing almost any form of exercise and is very enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle. When she meets people who are just starting on their health journey, she loves to be their cheerleader! (She might even help you with proper form so you don't hurt yourself). Come join Jayme in a cycling class sometime.