Yoga/Personal Trainer

I am an Army mom, wife, fitness buff avid reader/writer and a wicked tongue-biter!! I have always been a fitness enthusiast buy my career in this field did not start until after i had a life changing experience being a caregiver for a relative with cancer. We take for granted the things our bodies allow us to do and it look that experience for me to value my health. I want to make sure I do every possible thing I can to prevent a similar fate. This starts with taking ownership and accountability for my health and lifestyle habits. To become the best, strongest, healthiest version of myself and to offer that gift to others I used my skill set as a teacher and signed up with ISSA and became a certified personal trainer. I followed that up with a couple years spent at the YMCA in Van Wert, Ohio as a group fitness instructor. I was teaching Chisel, H20 cardio and Silver Sneakers programs. I love that I get paid to keep myself and others healthy and happy! I love that men and women trust me to make them stronger! I met Amanda last year when I attended her Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training to help myself recover from a serious car wreck injury, and the rest of history. I love it here at willPOWER Fitness. I love all of you. Come see me soon.