Yoga Teacher

At the age of 39, An found yoga and was head over heels after her first class. She now shares her love of this beautiful practice with the world through her teaching with the hopes that everyone can find the same blissful peace that she feels.      An lives in Bryan with her adoring husband, Mark. They love spending time together going on day trips to zoos, botanical gardens, and a myriad of outdoor events. When they aren't able to be together, An loves cooking and baking. She donates many of her culinary masterpieces to charities for raffles and auctions.      As a Stage 4 cancer survivor, An has been gifted with a unique perspective on life. She has a shining heart and a playful spirit, and is always quickly able to brighten the darkest moments with inspiration and hope. She is but one of the amazing staff you will find at Will Power Fitness.