Amanda Ross

Owner/Yoga 500 RYT/Zumba/Personal Trainer/Cycling

Fitness has been a way of life a for Amanda since 2002. One day she decided to further her fitness education and become a personal trainer through ISSA. In addition to her personal training certification, she also holds a group fitness certification through AFAA, a holistic nutrition degree from IIN a world recognized certification. Helping people realize their full potential in life is her passion. Yoga is what keeps her balanced in life. Amanda is a Yoga Alliance 200 hour E-RYT yoga teacher and is currently enrolled in Asheville Yoga Centers 500 hour YTT program.

Several  years ago she was very overweight, lived an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle, and hated looking in the mirror. Amanda decided to do something about her body and her health, so she started doing group fitness at a local gym.  She began to realize what a major change exercise had on her body and self-esteem, and decided she wanted to help others realize how they could change their lives.   She takes a holistic approach to personal training; the WPF program is not just a workout or weight loss, but a way of life. It is totally life changing if you put your heart into the program.

“I am just a normal person that has a gift to teach and motivate people to reach their weight and fitness goals. I can promise you a great personalized workout with remarkable results to your mind and body”.

An Young

Yoga Teacher

At the age of 39, An found yoga and was head over heels after her first class. She now shares her love of this beautiful practice with the world through her teaching with the hopes that everyone can find the same blissful peace that she feels.      An lives in Bryan with her adoring husband, Mark. They love spending time together going on day trips to zoos, botanical gardens, and a myriad of outdoor events. When they aren’t able to be together, An loves cooking and baking. She donates many of her culinary masterpieces to charities for raffles and auctions.      As a Stage 4 cancer survivor, An has been gifted with a unique perspective on life. She has a shining heart and a playful spirit, and is always quickly able to brighten the darkest moments with inspiration and hope. She is but one of the amazing staff you will find at Will Power Fitness.

Connor Yoder

Personal Trainer

Conner is currently attending the University of Saint Francis majoring in Nutrition with a dietetics focus. His passion for fitness stemmed from his background with sports. Conner played three sports all four years of his high school career and fell in love with the weight room. He is a personal trainer at willPOWER Fitness and looks forward to working with anyone who needs his help. He can guarantee his full effort in helping you reach your goals. Conner aspires to motivate people to change their lives through fitness. “I am looking forward to working with many clients who are ready to change their lives for the better”.

Hillary Carnahan Zumba/Yoga/Tabata

My name is Hillary Carnahan and I. Love. Zumba! Being fit and healthy became very important to me a few years ago. While I enjoy many different forms of exercising, Zumba is something I have found a connection with. Because it’s different every week and always feels like a dance party, I don’t get bored with it! I would love for you to come to one of my classes and see how much fun exercising and sweating during Zumba can be. I very much enjoy teaching Zumba classes and hope that my enthusiasm inspires you.

Jamie Lammers

Yoga/Personal Trainer

I am an Army mom, wife, fitness buff avid reader/writer and a wicked tongue-biter!!

I have always been a fitness enthusiast buy my career in this field did not start until after i had a life changing experience being a caregiver for a relative with cancer.

We take for granted the things our bodies allow us to do and it look that experience for me to value my health. I want to make sure I do every possible thing I can to prevent a similar fate. This starts with taking ownership and accountability for my health and lifestyle habits.

To become the best, strongest, healthiest version of myself and to offer that gift to others I used my skill set as a teacher and signed up with ISSA and became a certified personal trainer. I followed that up with a couple years spent at the YMCA in Van Wert, Ohio as a group fitness instructor. I was teaching Chisel, H20 cardio and Silver Sneakers programs.

I love that I get paid to keep myself and others healthy and happy! I love that men and women trust me to make them stronger!

I met Amanda last year when I attended her Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training to help myself recover from a serious car wreck injury, and the rest of history.

I love it here at willPOWER Fitness. I love all of you. Come see me soon.

Jayme Yoder – Cycling Instructor/Personal Trainer

When Jayme was a young girl she stood in front of the mirror and flexed her muscles, dreaming of becoming a bodybuilder. She would do pushups and sit ups every night before bed!! Through her childbearing years she put on extra weight and after her last child was born she remembers looking in the mirror and saying “this is going to change”.

She started doing DVD’s at home. She knew she liked the look of muscles so she started doing interval training. She also started with simple walks with her kids. Soon, she started running instead of walking and quickly dropped 40 lbs. That was nearly 12 year ago!

She now enjoys doing almost any form of exercise and is very enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle.

When she meets people who are just starting on their health journey, she loves to be their cheerleader! (She might even help you with proper form so you don’t hurt yourself).

Come join Jayme in a cycling class sometime.

Jen Smith


Becoming a healthier and more fit version of myself became important to me after I started college and realized there was something I was missing. I started my journey into the health and fitness world halfway through my undergraduate career when I discovered Will Power Fitness. I started doing Zumba and instantly felt that love for fitness that I once had. Then came the day that I discovered yoga. What started as a class became a passion and a truly life changing experience! I hope to help spread my passion for yoga and help others feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Join me in my classes and discover your inner yogi!

Stacy Swary

Pound, Personal Trainer, Body Rock

My journey to a healthier, happier me began with one big scary step….ZUMBA!! The first class I took was also my first introduction to Will Power Fitness, both of which I will be forever thankful for. Zumba was the first form of exercise that ever held my attention, in fact I found myself looking forward to it every week. For me it was a gateway exercise. I grew to LOVE Zumba, but wanted more. Since, I have taken almost every class that Will Power Fitness has to offer, including personal training with Amanda. Now here I am 40lbs lighter and completely ecstatic to be joining the Will Power Fitness team!! I am pumped to have the chance to be a part of your journey.

Tammi Elwood

Group Fitness

I took Classes all through high school, got to college and no longer had a sport to play so I began teaching classes at Capital University (1990).-for 4 years. HI Impact Aerobics’..then moved to Step then toning.  I then started teaching at Wyandot Athletic Club and became the Aerobic Director.  I then moved home in 1996 to get married and worked in Fort Wayne for a club (taught and became the director).  I then decided I didn’t want to drive so started teaching at Health Fit.  I also taught other places (Short term classes): Bryan YMCA, Defiance YMCA, Defiance College,  Capital University Girls Basketball team, CU’s Boys baseball team…etc…

I have taught for over 20 years (Kick, step, yoga, toning…or whatever was needed and wanted..but haven’t done Zumba..ha)  Currently Work at Defiance City Schools as a School Psychology Assistant.  (BA in Psych & Art Therapy and Master’s in Counseling)